We are HolidayPhone

HolidayPhone was founded based on the belief that everyone should be able to use their phone as usual while traveling, no matter where they are. HolidayPhone’s founder, entrepreneur Joacim Boivie, traveled to Thailand and became frustrated with incredibly expensive phone call and mobile data charges while roaming with his home operator. He was convinced that there had to be a better solution that wouldn’t cost a fortune – and it turns out he was right! Based on his idea, HolidayPhone started providing local SIM cards for Thailand to travelers from all over the world. Today, HolidayPhone saves money for travelers every day in 30 different destinations! We are very proud to say that, since 2010, more than 100.000 travelers have trusted us to keep them connected abroad.

Our mission is to provide you with mobile freedom! You should be able to update Facebook from a beach in Thailand, stream music while skiing in the Alps or use your mobile GPS and Yelp to find that amazing restaurant in New York. All without having to worry about coming home to a huge phone bill!

Our international team is constantly on the lookout for the best deals from telecom operators globally and we pair their offerings with our own Call Forwarding solution.

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“What sets HolidayPhone apart is the fact that they solve both the phone calls problem and also the mobile data problem.”
Artic Startups, APR 2013
“If you’re traveling abroad anytime soon, HolidayPhone is a must-have product”
NewsWatchTV, Jul2013
“Smartphone Technology Getting Closer To What Travelers Want”
Gadling, jul 2013
“HolidayPhone’s service is both simple to use, and genius”
M3 (leading Swedish tech magazine), Aug 2013
”The Holiday Phone is an easy way to make international calls as you travel. No contracts. No invoices to pay when you get home.”
Shop at home, Nov 2013.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spatravelgal.png”I will never leave home without it! I luv HolidayPhone!” 
Ava Roxanne Stritt – travel writer, dec 2013
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spatravelgal.png“I tried it in Mexico and it worked beautifully. Best of all, you get to keep your own phone and your own phone number.”
Paul Ross, travel writer and author, Dec 2013