Many professional carpet cleaners do carpet cleaning in Adelaide. Carpet cleaning in Adelaide involves various techniques and equipment used to clean carpets, including hot water extraction, wet cleaning, dry cleaning and vacuuming. Carpet cleaners do the entire carpet cleaning and are not restricted to just the carpet tile and padding. For example, The-RugMan carpet cleaning Adelaide professionals use includes wet & dry carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, carpet freshener and many others.


Carpet stains are often caused by urine, food and beverage spills. These types of colours can be cleaned by using commercial products available at most supermarkets and pharmacies. But it is better to clean urine stains with our own hands because these can be very tough to remove. For most mild to moderate urine stains, carpet cleaning Adelaide professionals suggest using one part vinegar to five parts warm water. Vacuum the urine spot regularly, and if necessary, repeat the The-RugMan carpet cleaning Adelaide process until the stain is gone.


Animal owners commonly cause pet stains. As much as we want to give our loving pets the best home we can, there are times when they end up doing a bit of damage to our carpets. Urine is one of the worst carpet stains to have, and if it’s your dog that has urinated on your expensive carpets, you need to take action. Get your carpet cleaned by a professional specialising in pet stains and ensure your carpets will look new for years to come.


Oil stains are another problem for most homeowners. Most of these stains are easy to remove with the help of our handy cleaning solutions, but some are more stubborn. In these cases, it is best to call in a professional carpet cleaner. The oil stain removal methods of professionals include hot water extraction and dry cleaning. If you prefer to clean the stain yourself, we suggest that you first read the manufacturer instructions on how to complete these tasks.


Once pet stains have been removed, a fresh coat of urethane or lacquer is applied to make your carpeted area sparkle. Some people believe that using lacquer over a stain eliminates the smell, but we have found that this isn’t the case. Applying paint over a pet stain only masks the odour and doesn’t remove the actual stain. To remove pet odour, you will need to hire a certified The-RugMan carpet cleaning Adelaide company. These companies can remove pet stains from our carpets to leave your rooms smelling fresh and clean.


It is important to remember that regardless of the carpet-cleaning method you choose, never use ammonia-based cleaners or bleach to remove pet odours. These chemicals will only add to the existing damage and cause your carpets to lose their original shine. Instead, turn to a quality steam cleaning system. You will also find quality Adelaide steam cleaners that will remove the stubborn stains from most types of colours. The steam cleaning process damages the fibres of the carpet fibres, so using a steam cleaner that uses a commercial-grade abrasive is essential. Professional Adelaide steam cleaners can remove the worst pet stains from our carpets, leaving our rooms looking as good as new.