Taking driving lessons doesnt have to be taxing for you. As long as you find a driving instructor who understands you and can provide you with all the necessary training and advice, youll be able to prepare and pass both your theory and practical exams. 

When it comes to finding the right driving instructor, you need to know the ideal characteristics of that makeup one. There are many driving instructors Perth out there, each bringing unique characteristics to the table. Thats why its essential to know which ones to look out for in your search. Otherwise, it would feel like youre finding a needle in a haystack. 

When looking for the right driving instructor, pay close attention to the following key personality traits:


This first one is pretty obvious, yet some people overlook it. The driving instructor you choose should be able to provide all the answers to your questions. If they cannot provide you with the answers you need, you should switch to another one that can.

Extreme Patience

Having an instructor who easily gets frustrated or shouts at you for not getting it right away will only lead to more mistakes. Dont stick with a driving instructor that will make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. Instead, choose someone who understands the struggle and helps you overcome it no matter how long it takes.

Trust and Reliability

driving-instructors-perthOnce youve booked a driving lesson, make sure the driving instructor you choose is reliable enough to be on time for your driving lessons. If you have a busy schedule, you wouldnt want your driving instructor running late on your lessons. At the same time, you should also trust them when youre inside the car. They should be able to guide you during your sessions and make sure that youre safe at the same time.

Willingness to Adapt and Learn

Apart from having strong knowledge, good driving instructors Perth understand that they also need to keep learning and adapting to the newer trends in teaching. They should be interested in learning and a thirst for knowledge to make sure their lessons and teaching styles are up-to-date. If you find that your driving instructors teaching method is outdated, call them out right away or move on from them.

Open Communication With the Student

Even if your instructor has all the knowledge in the world, it wont matter as much if they cannot communicate it. Good driving instructors are capable of expressing themselves through how they communicate with their students. At the same time, they also know how to relay clear and concise instructions that are easy to understand. They also know when to talk and when not to, which are essential during your driving lessons.


It doesnt help you much if your driving instructor is as nervous and scared as you are during your lessons. So, if your driving instructor is displaying nerves like you, theyre not going to inspire you to be confident behind the wheel. So make sure you look for someone confident in everything they do, without you mistaking it for arrogance.