Espadrilles exclusively belong to the family of boots in the business footwear section. It is one of the popular brands initially manufactured for the people of the Andalusian region of Spain. In the 19th century, Espadrilles gained in popularity and became a sort of symbol of nationality. These days, Espadrilles continue to be the favourite footwear for men and women.

Espadrilles are basic, comfortable shoes made out of soft, lightweight jute textile. Jute is an indigenous plant fibre from the Corchorus shrub, found in countries like India and Bangladesh. A typical Espadrilles features a rubber sole with metal spikes around the outside. This may either be a side step or an integrated step.

Like many other brands, Espadrilles include both summer and winter footwear. There are mainly three types of Espadrilles, each featuring their only type. The different varieties of soles in Espadrilles can either be flat or cork sole. Flat sole Espadrilles have small bumps under the foot that prevents your foot from sliding forward. Flat sole Espadrilles have large bumps near the toes, which prevents the foot from slipping.

Espadrilles have been a part of the history and culture of Spain for centuries. The Spanish crown has granted various Espadrilles to their subjects, especially when they need to wear war costumes. These Spanish crowns have given Espadrilles shoes their extraordinary fame and culture.

For those people who have a passion for Espadrilles, there are several places from where you can get a quality pair of Espadrilles, like boutiques in Barcelona and Madrid. But if you want to own a pair of Espadrilles without leaving Spain, then you can easily buy a pair online. And these days, you can even find good pairs of Espadrilles shoes for men and women online, along with their many other interesting pieces of Spanish fashion.

But what is unique about Espadrilles is that they were originally sheepherders in Spain. Because of these sheepherders, Espadrilles were able to adapt to the climate and lifestyle of the country. This is why it is ironic that Espadrilles shoes and other accessories can adapt to the culture and climate of Spain while having been created in a country that does not allow these horses to flourish.

Both men and women can wear Espadrilles for formal occasions, including weddings, balls, and other special events. Women who wear Espadrilles will surely feel the comfort and the elegance of the shoe since it has a very feminine design that matches any clothing they are wearing. Even if you are going to a summer wedding, you should consider wearing an Espadrilles slip-on.

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