A plumber is a tradesman specializing in maintaining and installing systems for water supply, including underground tanks, pipelines, and drainage systems for plumbing pipes and potable water. Plumbers are also involved in the remediation of leaks and damage to plumbing fixtures. In some cases, plumbers install and maintain heating and cooling systems; install storm and water drainage systems; install sanitary sewer systems; design and construct buildings and structures; install and maintain automated controlling systems; install and maintain counter-flow water filters; repair and maintain equipment used in water systems, including pumps; and perform other work involving the provision of water or wastewater supply. Plumbers are often specialized on an individual basis, depending on their specific trade.

Plumber BurwoodBasic plumbing processes that plumbers perform differ depending on the type of task they are required. For example, a plumber repairing bathtub plumbing must install pipe fittings such as valves, taps, faucets, and showers. He cleans and inspects plumbing pipes and related equipment to ensure that all is in proper working order. To assist in repairing water pipes, he may be required to relocate damaged pieces or make necessary modifications to the existing pipes. Plumbing tasks that typically require a plumber to obtain specialized training include repairing and installing drainage and ventilating systems, trenching, installing and repairing floor drain tiles and pipes, and cleaning and maintaining drainage tubes and pipes.

Many plumbers work on a part-time basis as self-employed contractors. As a contractor, he usually has contracts with local businesses for large jobs. These may involve remodelling, building maintenance, or installing water or sewer lines. Self-employed plumbers may work independently but are still technically employed under a general contractor because he or she receives payment from the contractor for the services. In this case, some plumbers work on a project-by-project basis.

A licensed plumber who wants to pursue a career in residential plumbing must pass a state exam. This exam can be taken in an approved school or at a community college and can take about five years. Most states require individuals to pass the exam before becoming licensed. In Plumber Burwood, plumbers must also successfully pass the physical strength exam, which typically measures an individual’s ability to lift three hundred pounds.

Before working as a plumber, individuals interested in the field may work in the building maintenance department of a home improvement centre or a general plumbing contractor. Contractors may also hire plumbers to install piping for new buildings. In either case, plumbers are responsible for carrying out routine maintenance tasks such as removing old drains and installing new ones.

Plumbing is a valuable job. Plumbers in Plumber Burwood often work on foundations for new homes. They also repair and install pipes for sewer lines and water systems. In both cases, the plumber’s work will protect residents from tainted water supplies. As long as plumbers keep their jobs and perform quality work, they should enjoy good job security.