It is tough for a person to design a website that will look good on all kinds of screens, not just the computer screens of his personal computer and it is even more difficult for him to design one that is going to be viewable on mobile phones. If the person cannot design a site that will look good on the computer and can view it well on a smartphone, what’s the point in having it? There are many different technologies out there that can help people overcome these difficulties. Responsive website design located in Adelaide is one technology that is starting to take the world by storm because of its ability to make a website look good on a variety of different screens. It was developed as a response to requests from websites that wanted to have a site that was viewable on various size monitors.

Responsive design starts with the desktop monitor that the user is using. The first step in designing a website for different monitors is to figure out which screen is the largest. Then you set up your design so that the content is optimized for that particular screen and then create the columns that go from top to bottom in the width that is appropriate for that particular screen. You have to remember that people who have mobile devices will have a different need when it comes to designing a website because they are viewing it on a mobile device versus a desktop screen.


The next important thing is that you make sure that the columns are all uniform in width and height. When you have uniform width columns, it will make it easier for the user to view the content on one column at a time and also it will allow the designer to see the actual width of the website. Many designers make the mistake of thinking that since they are designing a responsive website, they can make it look like it is a static page. This is actually not the case because you still need to set up the widths and heights of the way they are before you go live. For a responsive website design located in Adelaide to look good, it has to follow the same standards as a non-responsive website.

The last thing that you should do when you are designing a responsive website design located in Adelaide is to make sure that you have consistent font sizes throughout the site. In the past, when people were designing websites, people set up their site to be readable on a mobile phone. They would use a certain font size for the text and then change the font sizes for the images so that it read well on a cell phone. With a responsive design, you will not want to do this because your images will look stretched out on a small screen and will lose customers quickly. Always use a uniform font size throughout the site to read the content easily on any size screen.