When it comes to an overfull bedroom, where the floor, ceiling and walls are all full, having built in wardrobes Adelaide can provide an answer to storage issues. The problem most people have is actually knowing what type of furniture to use in their newly remodeled bedroom. This could be due to many factors including budget and space issues. The most common types of furniture that people use are wardrobes, armoires and dressers but sometimes we like to add on another feature to our bedrooms such as built-in wardrobes. 

A built-in wardrobe brings efficiency and beauty to the bedroom


Brushing and scissor moulding are often used to even out the room where the floors and walls are uneven so that the client’s existing crown molding is not destroyed. The upper left door is a non-working, stationary element which has recently been attached on the wall’s underside so as to preserve a more balanced interior. It is painted with a Matt finish and has a matching storage drawer which is accessible via a ladder. In terms of its design, it borrows heavily from the Victorian style of furniture with large, dark wooden drawers and ornate, finials at the corners. There is also a mirror above the storage cabinet, which is situated adjacent to the drawer, so that it can be easily seen from the inside.

Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors and fitted wardrobe with sliding doors

Both come in different materials with each having its own advantages. With built in wardrobes Adelaide, you can have the drawers placed exactly where you need them to be, and can choose whether you want the doors to swing up or down. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an entire section of sliding doors with a matching tread and this will give your room a very unique appearance. Otherwise, you may prefer sliding doors with bi-fold doors, allowing the drawers to fold in either direction.

Built-in wardrobes make it possible for you to organize your entire closet

If you have an extremely messy closet, this may not be the best solution. On the other hand, it allows you to create a streamlined look, as the entire wall area will now be visible. Sliding doors are perfect for small bedrooms, as they open onto the floor, and they are ideal for hanging clothes, shoes or accessories. In terms of size, the built-in wardrobe with sliding doors and bedroom wardrobe with swing-up doors are both approximately the same size.

Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors and bedroom fitted wardrobes provide many benefits, but there are some disadvantages as well. Obviously, the largest disadvantage is that the entire wall area will need to be visible. Also, built-in wardrobes are usually much more expensive than ready-made fitted wardrobes. The advantages include:

Ready-made fitted wardrobes consist of a wardrobe which tucks into a cupboard or closet, which is then fitted to a wall. One of the advantages is that it eliminates the need for moving furniture, which is sometimes necessary when the furniture moves around. The disadvantages include: it’s difficult to hide the fitted wardrobes when not in use, and it makes moving the furniture difficult. Sliding doors allow you to use the entire wall, and they’re easy to open and close. The benefits include: if you want to get rid of the fitted wardrobes completely, there’s nothing to stop you, as these furniture pieces come in a wide range of styles and colours. However, ready-made furniture comes with pros and cons, and it’s probably a good idea to shop around before making your purchase. Click to buy built-in wardrobes today.