Car paint protects the undercarriage of the vehicle from becoming damaged, but often it adds to the vehicle’s drag as well. Drag reduces fuel economy and makes a car less fun to drive, so paint protection Adelaide is essential for any driver. It helps to keep the undercarriage safe from damage caused by potholes and other road defects and keeps the paint protected. For more information, visit


Most of us will not think about paint protection Adelaide when faced with a new or old car, but it should be an essential consideration. Older cars are more likely to suffer from wear and tear, even if they are only two years old. This is because the undercarriage contains many moving parts, which can be worn and damaged easily. One of the most common causes of this problem is poor maintenance of the car. However, when the paint job is not maintained correctly, it becomes even more likely to deteriorate.


The first step in taking care of your paint job in Adelaide is to find a reliable paint protection Adelaide company that can take on the work. There are several paint protection Adelaide specialists that can give you a quote for covering your undercarriage. If you live in the area, finding one in the local area may be most accessible. Paint protective area detailing in Adelaide usually covers your whole car unless special deals are offered. Therefore, when you are considering painting protection Adelaide, it is worth enquiring about what extras may be included. For more information, visit


Once you have found a reliable paint protection product in Adelaide, you will want to ensure that it is fitted correctly. Several companies specialize in making undercarriage paint protection Adelaide products. They will know exactly how much coverage your vehicle needs based on its size and age. Depending on the nature of your paint job, you may need additional protection.


Many car owners in Adelaide are using a product called Wurtzite. This paint correction agent comes from a material similar to Wurtz (an asbestos mineral) and is used to fill in bubbles left in the paint job after a repair has been done. Wurtzite has a limited life span in paint based protection. Therefore it should always be topped up after application. It is also highly recommended that Wurtzite be removed and properly disposed of.


Airtight Products Limited developed wurtzite p 85 in Adelaide, Australia. It has been used for decades in the automotive industry for repairing paint jobs after they have been damaged. Since its inception, it has become one of the most popular paint protection products available. Wurtzite p 85 has good chemical resistance, meaning it can be used on any surface, even aluminium, stainless steel and copper. It is also known for its high solubility, which other chemicals or solvents can easily break down. Wurtzite p 85 can also be cleaned in Espanol with ethyl acetate or chlorine bleach. For more information, visit