The first time I visited a podiatrist SA was when I was in grade school. It was for a routine appointment to test our bones for various diseases, one of which was bad gout. This podiatrist was a tall and thin gentleman who reminded me of Dr Ben Stein’s father in the movie “A Christmas Story”. I remember being afraid to go to him because I felt like he would be laughing at my pain and possibly make me sicker. Luckily he was a very understanding person and went out of his way to make my visit as enjoyable as it could be for me.


I am thankful that I had this man by my side many years later when my son was born. Having a family practitioner means that you only get to see your doctor when you are sick, and not having one means you are at the mercy of other health care professionals when it comes to scheduling appointments, making phone calls, or even going to hospital emergency rooms if you fall ill. A podiatrist is also a great resource when you need a referral for someone else.


When you need a podiatrist SA, you should know what to look for in one. Many will be board-certified, meaning they hold an undergraduate degree in a field related to podiatry, such as anatomy, physiology, or medical technology. It will require an extra year of graduate studies, which all podiatrists will need in many states.


A good podiatrist will have many qualifications that you should verify before seeing them. Most will have a bachelor’s degree in anatomy, physiology, or medical technology, along with many other related degrees. It will ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of the human foot. A reputable podiatrist will be able to show you pictures from their patients or a video of theirs and be able to tell you how long the healing process will take.


You will want to speak to your podiatrist as soon as possible if you find an issue with your foot. If there is something wrong with it now, the longer it takes to fix it, the more you will be paying for it. They can order X-rays, evaluate the problem, and even suggest surgery depending on its severity. Don’t be afraid to ask for these services because most health insurance plans in Australia usually cover them.


Your podiatrist SA will be able to give you many options for treatment. Some possibilities include applying arch supports while wearing shoes, foot orthotics, custom orthotics, or splints. The cost of treatment will depend heavily on the severity of the problem. A severe injury may require surgery, while a less severe pain may only require some traction. Make sure that you discuss this with your podiatrist before you agree to receive any treatments.