Research studies into the effectiveness of TENS machine’s for pain relief have been inconclusive so far. However, small studies have been done to explain the role and influence of using the Zoe Tech TENS machine on pain. However, the TENS machine has proved to be a preferred form of pain relief by some individuals. This TENS machine operates using electrodes attached to the skin or body parts that have pain.

When the electrodes are attached, they provide soothing sensations to the skin surface, relieving the pain. There is a common misconception that the Zoe Tech TENS machine relieves pain and relaxes the patient. TENS machine works by creating pressure on the skin surface, which causes the muscles underneath to contract. These contractions relieve the stress and tension from the nerves.

TENS machine uses electrical impulses to pass current to the skin or body parts. When the current passes through the electrodes, the Zoe Tech TENS machine interprets it and converts it to electrical signals that the brain will recognize as pain. The TENS machine sends the signals to the brain through electrodes connected to the area that feels the pain. This technology can be used to produce different types of results.

However, the TENS machine has some drawbacks. A TENS machine may lead to severe side effects in chronic pain or any abnormal reactions from electric current. Some patients may experience hyperthermia and may develop heart problems. It has been observed that there can be an increase in blood pressure due to excessive relaxation of the blood vessels. In using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, there are high chances of tingling and numbness of the leg that may sometimes extend up to the thigh.

Many doctors prescribe transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and physical therapy to patients who suffer from chronic back pain. In the case of chronic back pain, physical therapy can be used for pain relief. However, it is important to consult the doctor first to find out the cause of the problem. Chronic back pain occurs due to many reasons such as muscle spasms, posture problems, improper lifting of heavy objects, etc. In the case of using tens machines for treatment, it is recommended to use only appropriate equipment. Also, it is important to follow all the instructions carefully so that you do not develop any safety risks.

When using the Zoe Tech TENS machine, it is very important to clean the equipment after each use. When cleaning the electrodes, it is better to wash them with soap and water rather than abrasive substances. When cleaning the electrodes, do not scrape them because the hair may need to be shaved off to remove the debris. The therapist may need to do thorough hair removal on the transducers before they start using the machine.